Small Business CRM...

That Helps You Build
Meaningful Customer Relationships

No training required. Simple and easy.
Simple pricing, so you can add your entire team.
Cancel any time. No questions asked.

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Super Simple CRM Is Deliberately Simple

Everything you need, and only what you need.
All Your Contacts In One Place
It all starts with who you know, and we make that easy to keep track of. Find all your contacts and all their details in one central and tidy space for everyone at your company to find.
Automatic Follow-Up Reminders
No more worrying about remembering to follow-up with a key customer or prospect. Just set a reminder and forget about it. We'll remind you when it's time to check in again. Easy!
Clear Task Ownership
Assign leads, contacts, or follow-up activities to members of your team and never worry again who is doing what. When team members log in, they'll see a clear list of what they need to do.
Instant Notifications
When hot leads come in, every second matters. Set up text message and email notifications and notify team members instantly when a new lead, contact, or follow-up task is assigned.
Know Where You Stand At A Glance
Get an instant 360-degree view of the state of your leads, follow-ups, and operations quickly and easily. You'll know what has recently been done, and what still needs work in an instant.
No Training Needed
Super Simple CRM is so easy to use, you won't need any special training or complicated set-up. Just sign up and start using it with your entire team in under five minutes!